Solar water heater panel - Aurora SLAR-32, SLAR-40
$925 to $1,025 ($717 after tax credit)
American made. The Aurora collector is the highest BTU rated collector in the industry. Featuring tempered glass, ultrasonically welded copper headers and risers, chrome plated fins, and polyurethane foam cast insulation. Sleek, all aluminum extruded casing for a slim profile.
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Solar Water Heaters Panels - Aurora and Chromagen Panels SLAR-40 and SLCR-40 42,000 BTUs!


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Solar water heater panel - Chromagen SLCR-32, SLAR-40
$945 or $1,045 ($731 after tax credit)
Israeli made. The Chromagen collector features ultrasonically welded copper headers and risers. Copper fins with chrome plating, and polyurethane foam cast insulation. All aluminum casing
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  Aurora Solar collector SLAR-40
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